The Digital Dentist: How Glesne Family Dentistry Optimized Their Business Efficiency with HP PCs


The transition to digital health records is happening rapidly across the country – not just in the big hospitals, but also in small, local practices looking to make their businesses run more efficiently.

Meet the Doctors.jpgWhen Dr. Brian Glesne inherited his father’s small dental practice in 2009, its paper-based information systems and manual processes hadn’t changed much in years, and office staff recorded appointments into a large volume referred to simply as “The Book.” Although his father had built a legacy of delivering high quality care to the citizens of Pekin, Ill., for more than 30 years, Glesne saw an opportunity to use technology to improve patient care and business profitability.

Now, Glesne Family Denistry, has automated much of the practice’s business functions by integrating HP Business Desktop PCs and HP Slate tablets

HP Business Desktop PCs have automated the formerly manual scheduling and statement generation processes, enabling workers to run reports in seconds that formerly might have taken hours. In exam rooms, HP All-in-One PCs have given dentists fast access to patient records and images, replacing the paper charts that practitioners used to carry from room to room.

The lightweight HP Slate 2 Tablet PC serves as a convenient mobile solution for Glesne as he moves from exam room to exam room throughout the day. During patient visits Glesne uses the device’s intraoral camera to show patients what he’s seeing inside their mouths.

Glesne logo.jpg“Transitioning to a reliable technology-based information system has enhanced both our business performance and responsiveness to patient needs,” said Dr. Brian Glesne. “Thanks to the increased efficiency, we’re also able to increase the number of patients we see on a daily basis by 5 percent.”

Despite initial hesitation, Glesne says his staff has given up “The Book” and each of his seven employees now uses one or more HP devices in their day-to-day work. What’s more, Glesne says that patients have come to expect offices to look professional and integrate the latest technology, and the HP products have helped them respond to those patient expectations. 

Have you noticed the transition to digital health records at your doctor or dentist?

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