Small Biz Tech Myth: “Mobility gives my employees an excuse to slack off.”


Location is becoming irrelevant for many businesses. With a notebook and a strong Internet connection, people now work on airplanes, at cafes and even at their desks! While managers once feared the “freedom” that mobility offered their employees, they are now embracing it, knowing that it can extend productivity well beyond the 9-5 workday.


Businesses can reap the benefits of employees’ access to mobile email and virtual storage for improved collaboration and communication. Cloud computing and notebook computers with embedded broadband should be central to your company’s mobile strategy.


A solid mobile strategy can really contribute to your company’s competitive edge. Let’s say you’re a real estate agent. This means that most of the time your work is conducted in your car. Accessing email, a database or the Internet, wherever you are, could be a huge advantage while you’re closing a deal or hosting an open house.


There are other benefits. While mobility lends your business a more competitive edge, your employees are probably also happier. Mobile employees tend to appreciate their ability to work remotely and establish a more ideal work environment for themselves, while contributing to the overall productivity of your business. A new Brigham Young University study shows that working from home even one day per week results in more productivity and lower burnout rates.


Do your employees work remotely? If so, what is their feedback on this policy? If not, what’s holding you back?


To learn about mobilizing your business from editor and tech evangelist Ramon Ray, check out this video interview:

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