Q&A with Andrew Bolwell: HP MagCloud Announces the Web Viewer


Today MagCloud announced a new web viewer for digital publications, so I sat down with Chief MagClouder Andrew Bolwell to discuss the new feature and what MagCloud is doing to help SMBs market their business. Check out the interview below.

Patty: What is the new web viewer all about?

Andrew: This new feature is a web-based viewer for digital publications that enables publishers to bring stunning versions of their magazines to life digitally in any modern web browser on desktop or laptop computers. So a publisher uploads a single PDF file and can immediately distribute it in print, via the MagCloud iPad app, as a PDF download and NOW via a web browser.

Patty: Are there any features within the web viewer that would be of particular interest to small business owners?

Magcloud web viewer.jpgAndrew: Yes, the web viewer technology offers hyperlink support, benefitting small business owners by linking from a product in a catalog to a web page to order or advertisements that link directly to advertisers’ web pages, all of which open in a new tab. HP MagCloud will also provide publishers with campaign reporting metrics, including the number of readers, page views and shares.

Patty: What type of experience will small business customers have?

Andrew:  The web viewer delivers an immersive reading experience for users. Simply click the “read now” button and the publication launches within the web viewer.  There are very easy navigation, zooming and panning features.  Users can also share the publication they are enjoying with others via social media, email or by embedding a link to it on their website or blog.

Patty: How will the addition of the web viewer help small businesses?

Andrew: With the new web viewer, HP MagCloud is the first self-publishing service to offer customers and small business owners the choice to distribute a single file as a free or paid digital publication via both an iPad app and web viewer, in addition to a professional-quality print option. This broad range of options within one easy to use web service makes it easier than ever for small businesses to create, promote and share content in the formats that their customers demand.

Patty: How can MagCloud help small businesses?

Andrew: The number of marketing options for small businesses is mind boggling. With the emergence of Pinterest and other social media platforms, small business owners struggle find the right platform for time and monetary investment. HP MagCloud is making marketing easier by helping to bridge the analog and digital marketing worlds providing businesses with an easy and low cost solution for both print and digital publication distribution.

Further, small business owners can use HP MagCloud as a marketing tool and promote their publications by launching the web viewer directly from their own personal or company websites. Publications can also be shared with friends and colleagues via email blasts or social media.

Patty: All of these features sound great! Where can potential folks go to learn more?

Andrew: To learn more go to www.magcloud.com and check out the MagCloud blog here. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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