Open doors to new business with advanced analytics

This is a contributed post from Kelley Bowen, WW SMB Marketing, Enterprise Group.



Interacting with your customers today isn’t the same as it used to be. Their ability to “walk in” through virtual doors has affected how you need to approach your business. Ensuring that those doors are always open so they can view and purchase your products means you need to plan for easy and highly available access to your network.  In addition, you want to be able to track where and when customers make purchases and learn their preferences.  Being able to interact with them through chat, video, and social media helps build stronger relationships and opens doors to new prospects.


Many small and midsized companies (SMBs) find customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) solutions can help them improve customer interaction and satisfaction. According to a 2015 Enterprise Strategy Group study, many SMBs intend to deploy business analytics sometime over the next 12 months.1   SMBs that have already committed to this approach have experienced an average growth of more than 2x when compared to companies that do not focus on CRM. 2  


Ease of access and having the proper network bandwidth to support data-intensive applications, such as voice and video, is key to a successful BI solution. The network needs to be able to open new “virtual doors” to your business, keep data flowing and, at the same time, protect the information and the systems that house it.


Just right networks for CRM applications

Real-time streaming of data allows CRM solutions to deliver key customer insights that personalize a customer’s experience. For complex data-intensive applications such as personalized recommendations, video conferencing, and intelligent services, it is important that the network doesn’t act as a bottleneck.

HP’s Just Right IT balances cost and performance with simple management, scalable performance and high availability that is priced right for SMBs. Our flexible and adaptable portfolio of small business network solutions include switches, routers, and wireless access points that make it easy for resource-strapped organizations to deploy and manage a robust network that can handle these data-intensive needs.


5400.pngThe new HP5400 Switch series is an excellent fit for this application. Its SmartRate multi-gigabit ports allow you to adjust from 1 GbE, 2.5 GbE, 5 GbE, and 10 GbE based on network traffic.  The ability to adjust the speeds without having to rewire your network represents a significant cost savings for SMBs. With the ability to plug in a wireless controller module, the HP5400 switch is an economical alternative for SMBs who require less space and a simpler to manage platform.  Since it is OpenFlow enabled, it’s a smart investment for when you are ready to virtualize your network.


Just Right IT – Just right for you

In order for you to maintain that edge in today’s competitive environment, data-intensive applications such as advanced analytics are just as important for you as they are to a larger businesses.  You just need the right size solution at the right price. HP Just Right IT products are simple to use, reliable, and affordable, designed specifically with SMBs in mind. Featuring plug-and-play installation, highly available and easily upgradeable systems, and single-pane-of-glass management, HP Just Right IT could be just what you need to open new doors to your business.


Learn more about HP Just Right IT for SMBs:


1  According to 2015 ESG study by Scott Sinclair, “Acquiring and Retaining Customers: Designing storage for small- and medium-sized companies” the most-cited data-intensive applications organizations deployed or intended to deploy over the next 12 months was business analytics, and 59% of the organizations surveyed performed real-time analytics.1

2  Source: Merkle Inc—CRM Change 2014; Seeking Alpha 3/1/2013—Surging Revenue

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