On the Road Again? Tech and Tips to Stay Productive

Work on the Go

Running a business while also on the road trying to grow it can be a productivity nightmare – but it doesn’t have to be with the right mindset, and the right technology. A recent Entrepreneur.com article offered some great, practical tips on that front. Here’s a recap – as well as our picks for HP products to help you get things accomplished while playing road warrior:


1. Devote one place for ideas and to-do lists. Whether you prefer a paper notebook or a tablet like the ElitePad 900, keeping ideas and task lists in one place means less time searching for that Post-It.

2. Catch up on email, be proactive. Forget surfing or playing Candy Crush Saga to de-stress on the way home. Jason Womack, Entrepreneur.com contributor and author of Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More, writes emails during the flight. By the time he lands, he’s written “forward-motion and catch-up emails” that give him a head start on the following week’s to-do list.

3. Bring a laptop made for business. The HP Spectre XT Pro is an Ultrabook that not only looks ideal in the corner office, but is also designed for tough computing demands. Add a wireless mouse – this one from HP has nearly a three-year battery life! – and you’ll have all the tools you need for working on the road.

4. Use tech to stay organized. Smart phones and smart, portable devices are a road warrior’s best friend. Take advantage of them to put all event details, including conference calls/dial-in information, meetings, car/hotel/flight reservations and more in one place.

5. Take advantage of portable storage. Need to bring the latest new business preso or marketing video? Take advantage of the new HP Pocket Playlist, a portable media streaming device with 32GB of storage (equal to 16 movies, 7,600 songs or 10,000 photos). And, since it doesn’t require an Internet connection for streaming, so you won’t have to worry about wi-fi or expensive data plans. 


Your Turn: What are your best productivity tips for working on the road? What’s the top tech you can’t live without? Let us know – we’ll feature your responses in a future post.

by Hubster
on ‎05-11-2013 12:36 AM

Evernote and DropBox/Google Drive!  Bring that together with you laptop/tablet, make sure it is synced to your smartphone and away you go.  Oh yes, remember to use your phone to stay in touch with friends and family! Man Very Happy

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