Manage Business Not Printers

My husband James is a consulting engineer. He is also a business owner. What this means for our household is late nights as project deadlines encroach on our evenings. As a business owner you may, like my husband, wear several hats: he is a sales person, marketer, professional expert, finance/accounting person, and even the IT strategist and repair technician at times.


James produces proposals and engineering plans and ManageBusinessNotPrinters.jpgprints them out on networked single-function, multifunction or HP DesignJet printers. As a small business owner, you might have experienced the same. It’s late. You’re alone in the office. You need to deliver a proposal or drawings the next morning to your client at a breakfast meeting. You hit the print button and walk over to the printer to pick up your documents as you’re walking out the door. Instead of seeing your documents in the output tray, you see a flashing light and a message indicating the drum kit needs to be changed. You think to yourself, that’s just great. Even my engineer husband has to get out the manual to try and figure out what the part number is, and if you’re fortunate enough to have the part in stock, you read on further to see how to replace the it.


Do you ever wonder like my husband how you can manage your business and not printers? It’s not just about repairs and supplies replacement as he tells me. It’s also about staff productivity, environmental stewardship and costs. He struggles with knowing what the right number of print devices is, what functionality they should have and where the print devices should be located in his office. James wants productivity and increased savings. In other words, he wants a managed and optimized print environment.


Manage printers.pngAre you are interested in managing business not printers? Do you want to improve your bottom line? Watch my recent video to learn more about HP Partner Managed Print Services. HP Partner MPS helps you print more strategically, conserve resources, provides concrete solutions for  your business like security and mobility, and helps extend the value of your technology investment. These services help you get back to driving your business, inspiring others and doing what you do best, even better. You can learn more about these services by visiting our website or by reading the HP Partner MPS brochure.


Do you share some of the same concerns as a business owner? Tell me about your printing challenges and the solutions you’re using to print more strategically. Tweet Me at @LeslieAtHP.

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