Is it a Notebook? Is It a Tablet? It’s the HP ENVY x2 and It’s Both

When you think about it, calling someone a “small business owner” doesn’t quite do them justice. Sure they technically “own” their business, but they are also the  cashier, the HR department, advertising lead and top salesperson. One title doesn’t cover it all for these multi-taskers.


Well, for all you multi-taskers charging through 24 hour days of work and play, HP just announced the HP ENVY x2. If you need it to be a notebook, it’s a notebook; if you need a tablet, it’s a tablet. Whatever mobile computing challenges you handle from 9-5 or 5-9, the ENVY x2 can adapt to help you handle it.


HP ENVY x2.jpgThe tablet/notebook hybrid runs on the Windows 8 operating system and can take advantage of multitouch technology to give you more computing flexibility that ever before. The ENVY x2 looks like a traditional HP ENVY notebook, but comes with a detachable screen that can snap out and operate on its own as a tablet. Imagine walking the floor of your business, taking inventory on the super-portable, 1.5 pound tablet, then connecting that tablet to a keyboard and frame to use it as a notebook while ordering your next product shipment. An optional stylus offers even more ways to use the ENVY x2, giving you the ability to write a message or draw a picture then save to your notebook without any extra file transfer.


If your business computer also doubles as your personal computer, the ENVY x2 has more in store for you. It comes standard with HP Beats audio for the best sound available on a PC and new application call HP Connected Photo that streamlines the process of syncing photos and makes it easier to share images with you friends (or your customers) online.


No matter what your small business needs out of a computer, the HP ENVY x2 is a perfect fit. If you want a tablet to write down orders away from the register, you can do it. If you want a notebook to email long-distance customers or update your business’s Facebook page, no problem.  The HP ENVY x2 is the right device for the right time, every time.

by Annacatherine06
on ‎09-06-2012 12:47 AM

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