Introducing the HP Slate 2: On-Your-Feet Computing At Its Finest

If your typical day is spent as a salesperson zipping around a retail floor, then you know that spending all day on your feet is a far cry from your average 9-to-5 desk job. And you’re not alone – doctors running to see patient after patient in a busy clinic, teachers rounding up students in school hallways and classrooms, or on-the-go business executives all share your woes.

Let me tell you about a new solution from HP that will undoubtedly add some pep in your step! Announced today, the HP Slate 2 Tablet PC is a uniquely designed mobile device that allows business professionals to create, edit, and review content securely and easily while on the go. For instance, retailers can use the Slate 2 to create a customized point-of-sale solution by adding the HP Retail Mobile POS Case, an integrated magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanner that attaches to the Slate. This new accessory allows salespeople to complete customer transactions anywhere in the store, reducing long lines at fixed checkouts and boosting sales and productivity. Retailers can also keep customers happy by using the HP Slate 2’s integrated Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to check product availability, find alternate colors and styles, track orders and email customer receipts from anywhere in the store.

HP Slate 2 Retail POS Case.pngEducators will enjoy the Slate 2’s multi-touch gesture technology that enables easy navigation and better multitasking performance, a benefit for busy teachers trying to juggle a lesson and students. With the new Swype keyboard, data can be entered via one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen, helping to increase efficiency. The HP Slate Digital Pen also allows users to write directly on the screen and save notes in their own handwriting.

Doctors can use the ultra-mobile and touch-enabled HP Slate 2 to take notes, access digital patient records and even order medications directly without ever leaving the patient’s side. In fact, we’ve seen HP’s previous model, the Slate 500, used with EMTs in ambulances.

The Slate 2 comes equipped with a full-featured Windows environment that lends itself extremely well to custom-built applications, allowing you to integrate existing applications or design custom solutions on the Slate 2 specific to your small business. Plus, the Slate 2’s six-hour battery life, Intel® Atom Z670 processor and TPM Embedded Security Chip give you all the functionality you need and keep data protected, anytime, anywhere – a bonus for traveling executives! 


Check out the video below to learn more about this unique solution:


For more information, visit the product web page here. The HP Slate 2 is available worldwide later this month at a starting price of $699.

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