Innovation and Entrepreneurs

I’ve always been a big believer in the impact of creativity and innovation on businesses, industries, economies and society. I also believe that people have a powerful ability to create innovations during times we find ourselves at our greatest need and this can be an important catalyst for positive change. I’m looking forward to connecting with business owners on this site for this very reason.


In many ways, entrepreneurs are better at innovating than large enterprises. As I recently discussed on my blog, a Chi Research report prepared for the Small Business Administration (SBA) confirms the breadth and impact from innovation we’re seeing from small businesses. For example, small firms produce more highly cited patents than large firms and on average, these patents are more technically important. Small firms produce 13 to14 times more patents per employee than large firms.


That means a significant amount of innovation is taking place at small businesses. To top that off, small businesses are the leading creator of jobs, establishing 64 percent of new jobs over the last 15 years. The nation has an estimated 29.6 million small businesses, which create more than half of the private gross domestic product, according to the SBA. That’s a lot of innovative business owners making a big impact and becoming a key catalyst for economic recovery in the U.S.


One of my missions as CTO for HP’s Personal Systems Group is to help create technology solutions that benefit small business owners. The U.S. relies on business owners to power the economy, and one of my goals is to design products that can help you become more creative, innovative and productive.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you about what technology you’d like to see HP develop and what really helps your business run efficiently. In turn, I’ll pass along some of the insights I’ve learned over the years. If you’re interested in hearing about some of my work, you can find me on Twitter, my blog, the Killer Innovations podcast (on iTunesZune or RSS) or The Objective column on

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