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Wireless access products offer new customer touch points

The introduction of 802.11ac, providing wireless connectivity at wired speeds, has forever changed the connectivity landscape. It has enabled an explosion of mobile applications that are changing the way in which we interact with one another and how networks need to be designed so as to facilitate these interactions. Where we were once tethered, we can now enjoy getting what we need “on-the-go”.


Providing customers with products and services that are right for them, right where they are and right when they need them, with a custom application for their smart phone or tablet, is one of the greatest triumphs of this new wireless age.  Location-aware applications and instant delivery of massive amounts of data allows for new models of customer engagement, expanding opportunities for managing customer relationships.


These new customer interactions can be tailored and personalized to their immediate situation, improving their purchasing experiences. How can small and midsized businesses (SMBs) take advantage of these new ways to attract customers and earn their loyalty?


Recognize the opportunities related to your business

SMBs who recognize the opportunities afforded in providing wireless access in their buildings to interact with consumers through smart phones and tablets will have a competitive edge. Wi-Fi access offered by an automobile dealership can mean the difference in a sale when buyers consider the amount of wait time when their car is serviced. Being able to work while waiting is now a big consideration for many consumers.


In addition, SMBs will be able to offer new types of services to customers.  Some examples of how it’s being used today include:


Hospitality – Convention center and hotel guests can get location-based offers that alert them to on-site services, as well as turn-by-turn directions to restaurants, exhibits, and entertainment.


Retail – Customers experience a unique and productive shopping experience when mobile apps give them turn-by-turn directions to services and merchandise. Store owners can push unique offers to customer mobile devices based on their in-store location, offers especially suited to them.


Hospitals – Patients benefit from more productive bedside conversations with their doctors as physicians explain x-rays and test results via tablets. Guest access into a hospital’s network further enhances the patients’ experience, complementing information desks, and providing BYOD access for entertainment.


Think “wireless first” with HP Just Right IT

To implement these new services, companies need to ensure that their networks are optimized for wireless communications.  Speed and reliability are important to a good user experience. Users now expect the same high-bandwidth connectivity with wireless that they get with their wired networks.  Research shows that 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less1.  Otherwise, they tend to abandon a page. Ease of access, especially while roaming, is another important consideration.


HP, through its acquisition of Aruba Networks, has become a leader in wireless networks.  HP offers easy-to-use, affordable, Aruba access solutions for SMBs with its Just Right IT family of products. These solutions include Aruba 220 access points (APs) that provide the performance and security required to enable these new Wi-Fi business models, all in an affordable package.  The APs are easy to set up and loaded with enterprise-wide features. HP’s Aruba APs with ClientMatch are powered with the latest 802.11ac technology to load web pages faster, delivers video streams with improved quality, and support high densities of mobile devices.


HP Just Right wireless solutions include:


  • Aruba 220 AP series, which provides performance similar to a wired connection over wireless. The series features ClientMatch technology that dynamically optimizes Wi-Fi performance as users roam and RF (radio frequency) conditions change.
  • Cloud-based management, which is particularly helpful in distributed environments with limited IT staff.

HP Just Right IT delivers simple, affordable and reliable products, solutions and service that help SMBs discover new business models designed to acquire and retain customers with new business models. The products and solutions are designed with performance in mind, providing faster service delivery to give users a more positive experience. Discover more about our Just Right IT products by visiting:


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1 kissmetrics, a Blog about Analytics, Marketing, and Testing,


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