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Summer is the perfect time for traveling. Even if your trips this year are mostly for business, it’s a great season for getting away and visiting face-to-face with colleagues, existing customers, and with those you’re hoping to add to your client portfolio.


The experience of hitting the open road, however, is only as good as the tools you bring along. When those tools don’t function the way they’re supposed to, the value you’re bringing to those you’re meeting with is overshadowed by what we’ll politely call computer glitches.


There’s nothing worse than being in a face-to-face meeting with someone whose opinion you value and having your laptop die in the middle of that big presentation. Even though we’re well into what will certainly be recalled as the era of mobility, these types of malfunctions still happen when we’re away from our normal working environments -- and a power outlet.


Mobile for business

While glitches will always be a fact of life, the individuals and teams at HP responsible for developing mobile accessories are committed to reducing their frequency so they’re more the exception than the rule. And the lineup we've assembled is impressive. While HP’s mobile services and accessories run the gamut, today I want to focus on two of the basics – laptops and printers.


Released at the end of last year, HP’s mt40 Mobile Thin Client was developed with the on-the-go user in mind. Rather than serving as a storage center, the mt40 quickly connects you – and your employees – to the software and apps required to get down to business. Programs that can be easily accessed on the device range from customer databases to e-mail to accounting software.


Rather than store programs on the hard drive, the applications are available via a single click on the thin client’s dashboard. The mt40 also runs Device Manager, a software tool that manages maintenance and upgrades by connecting the device to the IT department. There’s even a drain hidden beneath the keyboard so that anything spilled accidentally onto the device – coffee, for example, or perhaps a summer cocktail – won’t ruin it.


Reliable printing

Quality printing capabilities for wherever the road takes you are another HP mobile specialty. Even though we live in a world that’s increasingly digital, there are times when you absolutely must have a hard copy. For those times, even if you’re away from your main office, we've got you covered.


While the ability to print high-quality, professional documents has normally been confined to large machines, HP’s OfficeJet 150 Mobile All-in-One Printer offers both professional quality and on-the-go convenience. The OfficeJet 150 makes it easy to generate copies quickly while you’re in transit and print from select notebooks and mobile devices. Features include built-in Bluetooth technology and power-saving capabilities, long life lithium ion battery and Original HP high-capacity ink cartridges.


If you aren’t in the market for a mobile printer but want to make sure you have a backup plan if you need one, HP’s ePrint app is your ticket to printing while you’re on the go. Once you install the app onto your supported device, you’ll be able to print from thousands of HP ePrint public printing locations, including FedEx, Walmart, Hilton Hotels and many more.


I haven’t begun to scratch the surface of what HP offers in the mobility realm, but this is plenty to get your road adventure off to a good start. And, from all of us at 367 Addison Avenue, safe and happy travels!

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