HP Workstations Help Create Memorable Voices in DreamWorks Animation’s “The Croods”


DreamWorks Animation is a well-known HP customer, often leading the way with technology for the animation and creative design industries. Over the years, you’ve seen posts from me on how DreamWorks pushes HP to bring them the next big thing in technology that will allow their animators to push the creative boundaries on each film they produce. Now the company has taken that one step further with its new award-winning sound studio.


The studio, which is the result of a vision to build a state-of-the-art recording studio that provides an impressively unique talent experience, allows sound engineers to work in a stunning atmosphere and interact with DreamWorks Animation directors and executives regularly – all while having the best technology at their fingertips.


“Having our own studio on campus allows for better control of sound quality and provides for sonic consistency during the recording process. This is apparent when you hear the voices in our films,” said Steven Moder, Post Production Engineering Manager, DreamWorks Animation. “With the sound studio located conveniently on the DreamWorks campus in Glendale, the film production staff is able to schedule recording and mix sessions whenever they need without having to work around other studios production schedules.”


The Croods,” is one of the first full-length animation films to be produced in the new space, which will also serve as the premier sound studio for future DreamWorks Animation films. “The Croods” is a comedy about the world’s first modern family and follows them on their amazing journey after the cave they have always lived in is destroyed.


The film will delight audiences with a wide array of stunning recordings from the highly talented voice cast.  Watch the trailer and go see the movie to hear the amazing sound quality for yourself:  



Even if you’re not creating the next blockbuster, using HP Workstations could help take your sound editing to the next level – whether it’s a new business presentation or a pivotal speech. Here are some details on the DreamWorks Animation sound studio setup and tools:


  • Twenty-one high-performance HP Z800 Workstations run recording, sound editing and sound mixing software applications used to complete dialog, sound effects and music. The HP Z800s are installed in the central machine room of the sound studio, which was designed to ensure that noise and vibrations from any equipment is not picked up in the sensitive recording spaces.


  • DreamWorks Animation uses keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) over IP technologies to allow remote connectivity to each workstation from the various sound editing, recording and mixing rooms.


  • When actors are invited to lend their voices to DreamWorks Animation characters, their efforts are recorded by HP Z800 Workstations. The sound editorial staff has the ability to clean, edit and mix the recordings using Avid Pro Tools and Avid Media Composer. 


HP would also like to congratulate DreamWorks on the studios recent recognition for Creative Achievement in the TEC Awards.


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