HP Tech: The Secret to Better Patient Care

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HIMSS 2014: New HP Technology Helps Save Lives & Improve Patient Care

Have you ever had a family member or friend get sick, go to the hospital, and then spend the next few weeks or months bouncing in and out on a seemingly endless rotation of doctors’ visits? It can be heartbreaking to see our loved ones suffer when they were readmitted mere days or weeks after their original discharge.


Millions of Americans become trapped in this vicious cycle, costing the healthcare system and patients unnecessary dollars. To combat this, hospitals need the proper tools so they can proactively treat patients – using technologies that connect providers and patients all along the care continuum. 


HP Technology: Helping Doctors Focus on Patient Care

From workstations, laptops, PCs and tablets to thin-client based computing, HP has a wide range of technologies that can help healthcare organizations manage workflow so doctors and EMTs can better focus on patient care.


These technologies can help caregivers improve response rates, input critical medical information, and ensure that full medical histories are accessible when and where needed -- whether that's in the ambulance while transferring patients to the hospital or at the patient’s bedside post surgery. (Find out more about the future of healthcare for CIOs in this recent post we colloborated on with Intel.)


If you’re at HIMMS this week, make sure to join us as HP experts demonstrate how companies like Jump and OSF HealthCare are using HP technology to transform the continuum of patient care. Through the passing of critical data – from the paramedic, to the trauma team, to the nurse at the bedside that might be caring for that patient – large hospitals and smaller regional clinics alike can enable better patient outcomes by empowering doctors with accurate and timely information to make good decisions about patient care.


Check out this video for our best practice tips for healthcare organizations—many of which are small to medium-sized businesses—and to learn how the same strategies can help your business deliver even better results for your patients...



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Don’t forget to stop by HP booth #1949 to check out our range of healthcare solutions. And be sure to check out @HPHealthcare, HP Healthcare Facebook and the HP Technology for Health LinkedIn page to stay up to date on HP’s new healthcare solutions and activities at the conference.  


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