HP Tech Brings Films to Life at Sundance

SundanceCollageResized.jpgHow HP is Helping Sundance Bring Films to Life with Technology

There’s no question that the right technology can take any business or venture to new heights. Whether it’s the first all-in-one Android PC for business, or the powerful new Z1 G2 workstation, technology is the stuff that turns possibilities into reality – especially for producers, editors, and filmmakers.


We’re showcasing that tech at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, which kicks off January 16 and goes through January 26 — and the same tech that drives that behind-the-scenes magic and powers the Festival itself can also extend to your business.


For example, HP workstations are integral to both the infrastructure of the Sundance Film Festival, making it possible for filmmakers to better connect with both industry and audiences – and at the Sundance Institute, to help filmmakers tell better stories via their work.


Better tech, a more level playing field

We asked Dave Ginsberg, CTO of the Sundance Institute – the organization behind the Festival that also offers year-round creative and financial support for the development of original stories for the screen and stage – what it is that sets HP workstations apart, and especially what makes them ideal for their needs.


The short answer? Better tech means a more level playing field – and the ability to give independent filmmakers the same technical prowess used on a big-budget production.


“We love the power of the workstations.  With the HP hardware, you have a full post production studio in a small box,” Ginsberg explains. “A system that fits under a desk can now be utilized as a solution that used to take a large room full of equipment not that many years ago. Work on everything from audio to editing and even visual effects can take place on one piece of hardware.  This allows an independent filmmaker to have the same capabilities as a multi-million dollar production.”


Flexible systems also mean that Sundance can meet the demanding, often quickly-changing needs of the film production industry, without worry of interrupting the overall creative process.


"We also like the fact that the systems are easily expandable and can be upgraded with less downtime.  It is very easy to get into the hardware and replace parts quickly.


Storytelling for the future

We talked about films earlier in this post – and how they are a powerful visual medium to tell a story in emotional, meaningful and impactful ways. That’s Sundance in a nutshell – an avenue to tell stories and broaden perspectives, whether through the films, speakers and more at the Festival each January, or year-round at the Institute.


There was a recent Institute blog post that caught our eye that talked about the New Frontier program for artists using new media and technology, and the future of storytelling. We thought that was pretty cool, so we asked Dave what he thought – what the future of technology was for Sundance, and how he planned to use it to tell even more stories. I have to say, we really liked his answer.


“We feel that technology is the key for the future of storytelling – whether it’s new ways of showcasing creativity, like our New Frontier program through allowing filmmakers to take us somewhere that we’ve never been before – like the film Gravity,” he says. “With the Festival now in its 30th year, we see a bright future here at the Institute where technology will allow us to provide even more value to our filmmakers and patrons.”


That is some heady stuff – and we’re excited to not only be a part of it, but also to see what’s next from Sundance. Because we think it’s going to be great.


Your Turn: How are you using technology in your business creative pursuits? What advantages have you seen? Let us know – we'd like to hear your input!



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