HP Infuses TEDActive 2012 with Color

It plays with our perceptions, encapsulates our thoughts and motivates our actions. Color has a profound effect and it gives meaning to everything around us. This year, HP is calling on innovators and creators to take color to new heights to inspire thought and creativity in our world, and in your business. It all starts at the TEDActive 2012 event, where we will spring to a new dimension that challenges you to think colorfully.


Between February 27 and March 2, 2012, HP will collaborate with TEDActive to bring together innovative discussions through six select projects. TEDActive is an annual conference that brings innovators of the future together at an experienced-based event. This year, HP and TEDActive will create startling conversations around “color” and more specifically, how can we use color as an effective tool. This will give all you business owners, entrepreneurs, thinkers and doers the chance to engage in inspiring discussions and research projects onsite, and for those of you who won’t be there in person, we welcome your participation through the social channels below.


The vision behind thinking colorfully is to get people to stop thinking in terms of black and white, “this” way or “that” way. The idea is to loosen up and dig deep for your passion. Whatever that passion may be, there is a way to make it stand out once you stop thinking in shades of grey. HP color printing cranks up the impact that businesses need to get noticed, making their messages loud and vibrant, influential and persuasive.


How can I be part of this exciting project?
If you haven’t already, join the TEDActive Color Project on Facebook and be sure to join in the conversation on Twitter: #ActiveColor #hpcolor and follow @HP_SmallBiz and @HP_Print.


Who’s bringing the color project to life at TEDActive?
The TEDActive color project team bringing the story to life this week includes: 

Roshi Givechi Image.jpgRoshi Givechi: IDEO Facilitator - Roshi is a Design Director and Associate Partner at IDEO. Through communication, interaction, and new media design, Roshi explores and defines how people interact with objects, space, services, and one another. She has taught cross-disciplinary design at the California College of the Arts, designed websites at Microsoft and MSNBC, spoken at conferences, and coached IDEO workshop clients on ways to innovate. Roshi was profiled in I.D. Magazine‘s January 2009 list of 40 leading design innovators.


Jack Burgess Image.jpgJack Burgess: Project Storyteller - Jack is a painter from Northern California, and the primary tension in his work is created by the use of color. When not in the studio, he works as a graphic facilitator for Collective Next. An expert storyteller, Jack will use photos, blog posts, video and more to capture the narrative of ideas. Jack will post content to the TEDActive Blog and TED.com Project pages, and populate the TEDActive Project Spaces with content on-site.


Jeri Chou Image.jpgJeri Chou (@jchou): Project Amplifier - Jeri is the co-founder of All Day Buffet, The Feast, TBD, and Lovely Day. She believes we created this world and that we can create a better one.  As an amplifier, Jeri is considered a social media expert that has Twitter followings in the thousands. She will use her expertise and community base to spread all the content produced by storytellers across the web, taking these ideas and conversations to the world.

As TEDActive focuses heavily on the element of “vision,” HP intends to do just that with the HP Color Project. And so we now ask you to share with us:

  • How can color affect change and make an impact for what you are passionate about?
  • How has color inspired your business?
  • How does color help your business make an impact in your industry?

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