HP ElitePad Accessories: Productivity and Rugged Jackets

Earlier this week, HP unveiled a touch-friendly business tablet, the HP ElitePad 900 . This week, we’ll go into some of HP’s tablet accessories that allow business users to customize the ElitePad to fit their specific needs. To do that, HP is introducing a series of Smart Jackets designed to give the ElitePad additional functionality where professionals need it most.


HP ElitePad Front.pngThe first of the HP ElitePad Smart Jackets that we will profile is the HP ElitePad Productivity Jacket, which incorporates an integrated keyboard and several additional ports, including an SD card reader. The Productivity Jacket allows small business users to utilize the ElitePad in a more traditional way since it features a stand that offers several different viewing angles.


With the ElitePad and the Productivity Jacket, you can use your tablet on its own or like a clamshell notebook. You could walk through your store and take inventory on the tablet and then slip on the Productivity Jacket and email your next order from the same machine. Imagine taking photos of your new products and then posting them to your social media pages to discuss features with your customers. However you use it, the Productivity Jacket expands the options to let you get more done in more places.


For those looking to get more peace of mind that their ElitePad will hold up under on-the-road abuse, HP is also offering a Rugged Jacket that provides additional protection against the wear and tear that comes with mobile use. Without the Rugged Jacket, the HP ElitePad still passes all usual Elite-level military-grade tests, but with the Jacket attached, the tablet is ready to handle anything your business throws at it. Whether you’re traveling cross-country or just constantly moving around at work, the extra-portable 1.5-pound ElitePad practically begs to be taken from place to place and you want to be sure you’re protecting it.


Whether you’re customizing your HP ElitePad to be more robust in different parts of the country or different parts of the sales floor, there’s a Smart Jacket suited for you. We’ll be posting about the accessories for the HP ElitePad 900 more this week, so come back to find additional ways to customize the tablet for your business.

by wymthg
on ‎04-08-2013 07:45 AM

Do we know when the Productivity Jacket will be available and when in the UK, currently I cant even get a standard cover in the UK for my ElitePad do we know when they will be avilable here? the only thing i can get is the Expansion Jacket.


Will the productivity Jacket have the Spare battery option?

by muzzmail1
on ‎05-20-2013 06:13 PM

I'm looking at the ElitePad 900 for a in-truck solution, currently running 25 computerised trucks.

I am inquiring about a travel adapter, especially for 24v.

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