HP ElitePad Accessories: Power up with the HP Docking Station and Executive Pen

If you’re like a lot of business professionals, the biggest obstacle for adopting an enterprise tablet is determining how it can transition from on-the-go use to a comfortable deskbound setup for more intensive tasks.


HP ElitePad Docking Station.pngHP is offering the HP ElitePad Docking Station, which allows you to experience all of the portability and flexibility of a tablet but connect the HP ElitePad 900 to a dock to give you the familiar desktop experience you’ve known for years. You can use your tablet for all on-the-go computing needs and then attach it to the Docking Station at your desk to complete basic word processing and productivity tasks.


With the HP Docking Station, you can forget about transferring content from a camera or a USB drive, all the content from your mobile device is available for you at your desk with no need for extra cords or connectors. You can also set up a monitor with the Docking Station to allow the tablet to function as a second screen for increased multitasking.


HP ElitePad Rotated.pngNot only can the HP ElitePad 900 transition your business to a more portable computing solution, you can also pair the tablet with the HP Executive Pen accessory to capture handwritten notes and convert that writing to digital text for later use. You could take handwritten notes on business calls and save those notes directly to your tablet or email them to your business team.


No matter what you need out of your business computing products, the touch-friendly HP ElitePad has accessories that can help your business stay more productive, whether you’re working from your desk, the sales floor or somewhere else.

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