HP ElitePad Accessories: Increase Your Connectivity and Battery Life with the Expansion Jacket

Part of the allure of the HP ElitePad 900 is its size. At just 1.5 pounds and 9.2 mm thin, the tablet’s portability is certainly one of its biggest strengths, but what happens when you want a device with more room for connectivity options? For business users who enjoy the slim form factor of the new ElitePad but don’t want to forfeit the benefits of a more robust design, HP is offering the HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket.


HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket - flat.pngThe Expansion Jacket gives the HP ElitePad additional USB, HDMI and other connectivity ports to turn the tablet into a portable powerhouse that connects to accessories to keep you more productive from anywhere. If you travel frequently and want to use a lightweight tablet in the air but still have the option to directly connect to a high-quality display once you land, this Smart Jacket is perfect.


The Expansion Jacket turns the ElitePad into a mobile presentation machine, with enough ports to export your slideshows or video presentations through the HDMI connection and attach a control device to the USB port.


HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket - tilted.pngHow else can the Expansion Jacket improve your ElitePad experience? It also expands the tablet’s battery life with room for an optional HP ElitePad Jacket Battery, which adds about 80 percent more battery life. If your find that your current notebook’s battery doesn’t last long enough to get you through the long business workday, consider the HP ElitePad paired with the Expansion Jacket and Jacket Battery for a powerful computing device with all-day power.


If you’re interested in other HP ElitePad accessories, check out yesterday’s post on the Productivity and Rugged Jackets. There will be more on the other HP ElitePad accessories tomorrow, so come back to find out what else you can do with the HP’s new business tablet.

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