HP Discover: Meet the S900 Series MFPs

Chances are the IT decision maker at your business is overwhelmed —whether yours is a small business and you're the one making the decisions, or if you're a small enterprise with an assigned IT decision maker.


In either case. there’s no question that there's a lot on the plate for anyone managing business technology. These decision makers need technologies that will help them simplify and improve business processes, whether that’s managing a fleet of printers, tracking cost benefits from devices or implementing secure access to printers.


Today, we announced the HP S900 Series Multi-function Printers (MFPs) to answer the call of IT decision makers—the solutions and features included with the new series of MFPs allow businesses to streamline workflow, fleet management and security. Further, the Managed Print Services and Partner MPS customers who invest in these devices will get a holistic view of their printing environment, allowing them to focus on their core business needs and goals.



Want more info? Here are four reasons the HP S900 Series MFPs answer the call of IT decision makers:

  1. Reliable ServiceThe HP S900 Series MFPs will be delivered exclusively as part of the HP Managed Printing Services (MPS) and Partner MPS agreements – a benefit unique to HP customers that provides businesses with expert guidance on how to optimize, manage and improve their printing assets with a single vendor, so that they are free to focus on their core business activities. Within MPS, customers will receive a holistic print experience customized to fit the needs of their business along with unmatched HP service and support for all printing hardware, software and solutions. With HP MPS, companies are able to reduce costs from improved fleet management and better workflow design, saving up to 30 percent or more on overall printing costs.
  2. Improved Efficiency: Traditionally, businesses look to outsource printing for high-volume or production-quality jobs. The new HP S900 Series MFPs help businesses bring printing in-house and manage large jobs at a competitive price. Each device in the series comes complete with an array of finishing options including stapling, saddle stitching, booklet making, hole punching, folding and trimming, that enable businesses to print a high number of pages at a low cost per page. Further, with these features, businesses utilizing the HP S900 Series can bring processes like brochure, report and book binding production in house, allowing them to create and distribute marketing and other materials efficiently and with cost savings. Thus, the HP S900 Series does more than just print; it acts as a fully-integrated business kiosk.
  3. Industry-Leading Solutions: The HP S900 Series comes fully equipped with a suite of business printing solutions that help increase security and promote ease of use so that businesses can better monitor their print environment. Each device is fully equipped with HP's integrated fleet management and security solutions capabilities, designed to simplify the business printing process. For example, the HP S900 Series includes HP’s Web Jetadmin solution, which businesses can use to manage HP and non-HP printers, providing quicker problem resolution through a central management tool and automation of regular device management. Further, with solutions like SafeCom and HP Access Control, IT managers can reduce unclaimed prints through authentication in a variety of ways, including PIN codes and proximity cards, and track and gather data to determine print costs and needs.
  4.  Increased Flexibility: With one monochrome and three color devices complete with single and double-sided printing and scanning options, the HP S900 Series MFPs complement the recently announced HP LaserJet Enterprise M800 Series to offer customers expanded choice for department class and light production needs. Additionally, the S900 Series affords businesses with greater flexibility to customize their printing fleet to best meet their needs.



HPS900 Series: More than printing

The HP S900 Series offers much more than just printing – it also offers fleet management and security solutions, and that’s good for any business. The result is that IT managers have greater control and insight around their office printing fleet – from assessing costs and security to determining fleet updates for improved efficiency.


The new HP S900 Series MFPs go beyond simply meeting your printing needs – they are ideal for any businesses looking to increase productivity, while also saving money. This suite of production-class MFPs not only helps with demanding print and copy needs, but also supports key HP solutions that simplify the IT environment with integrated fleet management, security and document workflow. 


Want more info? Find out hereIn Barcelona for Discover 2013? You can see the new HP S900 Series MFPs in action in Hall 4 (Printing and Personal Systems - Discover Zone). Not in Spain for tapas and tech? Check out related video sessions here; they'll be uploaded all week long during Discover 2013. 

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