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Get the Right Printer Cartridge for Your Business: Accurate Identification = Happy Customers

When someone asks my name, I introduce myself as Michael Borg. If I introduced myself as say, Superman, I could lead you to erroneous expectations. You might expect a certain caliber of ability. While you’re not likely to encounter this kind of mis-identification when meeting other people, you probably run into it more often than you realize – specifically with non-HP remanufactured and new – yet imitation – toner cartridges.


Cartridges can only be properly identified if the chip manufacturer has programmed the trademark field on their chip so that it accurately displays the chip manufacturer brand name. However, this is often not the case; instead, manufacturers of aftermarket chips deliberately identify themselves as “genuine HP” to more favorably position their products with their customers.


Computer chips, potato chips, wood chips: Not so interchangeable
We all know that originals are much better than imitations. That’s why HP is asking all remanufactured toner cartridge chip makers to program their newest chips designed for HP printers so that they’re easily identifiable as non-HP cartridges. Why are we doing this? So you, as our customers, can purchase a cartridge with confidence. So you won’t be surprised by “hero-impersonator” when you think you’ve called in Superman.


Cartridge mis-identification is a common issue in the printing world, and HP is working hard, with our customers in mind, to end it. HP’s newer printers make it possible for remanufactured cartridges to access the full range of available printer functions, even if they identify as non-HP. When a used cartridge is remanufactured, or a new copy is built, the chip makers must deliberately program the chips to identify them. Choosing to identify as HP, when they are not, isn’t telling the whole picture.


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This month, my colleagues Matt Barkley and Betsy Porter will be attending a conference with the leaders of the remanufacturing and newly-built printer cartridge industry, and they’ll be speaking about HP’s stance on the issue. HP is not only requesting that chip makers program their chips to correctly identify themselves, but also asking them to provide supportive information to ensure more accurate identification.


HP respects customers’ right to choose, and respects healthy competition and innovation – but mis-identification isn’t in our customers’ best interest. Each and every purchase you make should be an intentional, informed decision, and you have the right to know exactly what you’re purchasing.

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