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HP's Managed Print Services: Increased Productivity, Decreased Cost

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending part of the workday dealing with technology issues. Whether it’s a computer virus, email meltdown, or lost file, the result is still the same: lost productivity. Take printing, for example. Forget wasting time dealing with paper jams or replacing a cartridge right before an important meeting.


The true cost of printing is more than just hardware and consumables. Rather, it’s the time spent on maintenance and troubleshooting – not to mention the business costs and consequences of printer downtime, like lost work time.


In fact, every dollar spent on the hard costs of printing involves another nine dollars spent simply managing print and supporting document workflows – and who has time for that? For most small businesses, streamlining administrative processes like printing is essential so that you can focus on the business of actually running your business. Let me tell you about some solutions from HP that can help you better manage your print environment…


Tired of Managing Your Printers? Outsource it!

It’s always good to have options, but let me tell you a great way to get your print hassles under control – and your productivity back in the office. Hire it out!


Imagine never dealing with a broken printer cartridge, sooty hands, or paper jams ever again. Choose a trusted partner to manage your devices, and say goodbye to personally tracking and managing printers and other devices.


Sound too good to be true? It’s not! With HP Managed Print Services (MPS) and HP Partner MPS, we can help you manage and improve the way your business prints, help you cut costs, and increase efficiency – either directly or through our network of channel partners and resellers.


Managed print: Better insights, increased productivity

We can even take care of those time-consuming maintenance tasks – which could help you save up to 30 percent on printing costs – as well as give you expert insights on how to improve other printing issues that may be sapping your office productivity.


Whether you’re running low on supplies, looking to consolidate devices, or need to add security or workflow solutions, we’re there for your business. We’re also available around the world – and we’re continuing to expand into new regions like China and New Zealand.


And, even better – HP MPS and Partner MPS are also available for businesses with a mix of HP and non-HP devices. We can help you free up your staff, so they can better focus on more important business tasks.  


Looking for printing insights? See it live!

The amount of data you can get from your smart printers and MFPs is unbelievable! We can help you track device utilization, supplies levels, errors, and more. But, even with these capabilities, it is not always easy to see that data on a useful platform.


I like having insight into the performance and usage of the printers in my office – and with HP Smart Decision Suite 2.0, it’s easy. You can monitor and analyze usage, centralize device management, and make more effective decisions based on performance.


HP Smart Decision Suite 2.0 offers an intelligent, analytics-based direct line of sight into the performance of every printer in your office, with enhanced and comprehensive automation tools to help improve document workflow.


You can learn a lot about how your business prints when you dive into the data, and those insights could lead to more money in your budget.  


Any Questions? We Have the Answers!

We can handle the management of all of your imaging and printing needs, with services and solutions designed to help your business save money, increase productivity, and simplify the management of your print environment.


All you have to do is ask! And, for more information on HP’s newest services and solutions driven by our lineup of smart printers and MFPs, click here.


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