Get Creative with HP's New DreamColor Technology


Embrace Creativity: Introducing the HP DreamColor Z27x & Z24x Displays

There's no question that the HP DreamColor LP2480zx was a game changer, upping the ante on what the average moviegoer could expect to see on the big screen when we introduced it in 2008.


Now, this week at NABwe’ve taken the color-critical display market to the next level with the announcement of the HP DreamColor Z27x and Z24x Displays!


With the new DreamColor Displays, HP has once again pushed the limits of innovation to bring users unrivaled accurate and consistent color from displays to the big screen to print. Each new feature is a result of direct feedback from key customers in visual effects, feature animation, and product design looking for new ways to transform the way they work.


The displays feature HP’s second-generation DreamColor Engine and provide up to 1.07 billion on-screen colors. Compared to the previous-generation products, the new displays include up to 60 percent more pixels, contain up to a 4,000 percent increase in the internal color palette and are up to 57 percent thinner.


Wouldn’t you love to work with the same technology as industry professionals? The HP DreamColor Displays have been used by the majority of award-winning visual effects studios to help them create some of cinema’s most memorable scenes from movies like the Academy Award-winning film “Life of Pi”.


For example, small business owner Rob Legato, whose editing credentials include “Titanic,” “Shutter Island” and “Avatar,” used HP DreamColor technology to create his Oscar-winning work, “HUGO”.


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While the displays sound like they’ll make a big dent in your wallet, you’ll be pleased to hear their price points are more affordable than ever. Both the HP DreamColor Z27x and Z24x are available today for $1,499 and $599, respectively.


In fact, the HP Z24x DreamColor Display comes in at less than 25 percent of the price of the original DreamColor Display. It's a great opportunity to better show off your creative ability, whether it’s a video for a product design, or the next big-screen blockbuster!


We hope you enjoy the new features and are as eager to see what you can create with HP DreamColor Display technology as we are to see it! For more information about the new HP DreamColor technology, check out this link.

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