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Sometimes, the most appealing part of the world of entrepreneurship isn’t the business side. Believe me, I understand the importance of cash flow and solid marketing strategies and the other key components essential to business success. But what really draws me into the entrepreneurial realm is the personal initiative that it takes to help ideas take flight. More often than not, this is fueled by the power of personal connections.


Tim Delhaesphoto © 2008 Paloma Baytelman | more info (via: Wylio)

So I was thrilled to learn that Tim Delhaes was participating in Incubate 2.0, an event that was sponsored by HP and held in November.  Incubate 2.0 brought together entrepreneurs, support organizations, thought leaders and investors to provide experience-based insight into what works and what doesn’t. The event also helped build connections between these groups and business leaders who have turned their startups into global success stories.


Delhaes is a serial entrepreneur who currently lives in Chile, where he is the director for the Americas of First Tuesday, the world’s largest entrepreneurial network. The trajectory of First Tuesday is an entrepreneurial story in itself. Started more than a decade ago in London, attendance at the monthly gatherings quickly grew from less than 40 to more than 4,500. The geography of the event expanded accordingly, growing from a local gathering to one that spans 18 countries on five continents and has more than 41,000 active members.  


On its own, First Tuesday Americas, which Delhaes leads, reaches more than 20,000 people in five countries. Its goal is to reach more than 1 million entrepreneurs in Latin America and Central America in the next five years. After listening to Delhaes, I have no doubt that he’ll reach his goal.


As a big fan of the entrepreneurial spirit, I was interested in everything Delhaes discussed. I enjoyed hearing about the history of First Tuesday, the importance of fostering entrepreneurship and the innovation that goes along with it in local economies and his passion for connecting entrepreneurs via a channel that’s simultaneously global and local.


Why has First Tuesday attracted so many people in such a relatively short period of time? What’s the draw? While I’m sure there are as many answers as there are attendees, I thought Delhaes described it perfectly. First Tuesday, he explained, is the perfect place to have a drink, have a conversation, grab a cocktail napkin and write a business plan.


If you didn’t have the chance to attend, here’s the video for you to enjoy at your convenience:


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