ESPN Wide World of Sports Deploys Digital Assistants

HP has a long history with Disney, beginning back in 1938 when Walt Disney was one of the first customers for Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard’s fledgling startup. In the latest installment of this long-standing partnership, today HP and Disney unveiled the HP Field House at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, a project designed to deliver an immersive technology experience to the 2 million athletes, coaches and spectators that visit the complex each year.


Here’s a sneak peek of just one of the installations you can expect to see the next time you visit the HP Field House. Not able to visit Orlando anytime soon? No worries, we’ve got you covered with this video:




Disney_post1.jpgTouch Kiosks – Disney is teaming up with HP to solve an age old problem using brand new technology. We would all love it if the best customer service agent could be available in more than one place at one time. Well how about 24 places?  At the ESPN Wide World of Sports, they are doing just that, and they’re not using human cloning technology. They’re using the new HP TouchSmart kiosks with Virtual Sales Assistant (VSA). These kiosks are designed to give the guest a personalized guide to everything they need while they are at the park. Let’s take a look at how touch technology with VSA can help.



Disney_post2.jpgCustomized Experience – Any helpful customer service agent knows that you have to know the customer before you can get them what they want. That’s why the Wide World of Sports kiosks begin by having you identify what type of guest you are. Coaches need different information than fans do, so the VSA has custom experiences based on what each type of guest needs most.



Disney_post3.jpgMeet Kevin Corke – As soon as the kiosk knows who you are, it is ready for action, but with a personal twist. The VSA provides a guide who talks you through your entire experience. Here at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports, your host is Kevin Corke of ESPN SportsCenter fame. Kevin guides your choices, makes jokes, and if he ever gets on your nerves, just tap him and he goes quiet.



Disney_post4.jpgWayFinder – Most of us won’t ever ask for directions when we’re lost (unless you’re me and live life glued to a GPS just in case you take a wrong turn on the way to the refrigerator), but with the HP TouchSmart kiosks, you don’t have to. Kevin will get you to the WayFinder app, and from there you just swipe over the location you’re headed to and the WayFinder marks a path for you. It knows every field, stadium, parking lot, restaurant, and merchandise shop in the park. Just three taps get you to any location efficiently.



Disney_post5.jpgMedia Content – While competing at the Wide World of Sports complex, athletes get the professional treatment, including photographs and video highlights being taken of their event. The HP TouchSmart kiosks help the athletes and the fans find the latest clips loaded to YouTube of their event or the photos that have been taken of the events that day. The HP Photo Creation Center onsite enables athletes to purchase photos and posters for those who want to feel like they’ve just made it to the front of a Wheaties box.



Disney_post6.jpgInformation – The kiosks are as knowledgeable as the best ESPN cast member and can provide information about: the current weather; events; the complex and its venues; dining options; and more.  Everything is easy to get to with just a few touches, and Kevin Corke is there to help you along the way.



Disney_post7.jpgDynamic Updates – Not only do the kiosks have a helpful sports caster and a wealth of information, they are also up-to-date all the time. Using VSA’s constant connection to Disney’s data feeds, guests can look up info about Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom or any of the other Walt Disney World parks that is dated continuously throughout the day. It’s like having a customer service agent whose head is plugged into the web (without the freaky sci-fi connotations).



Now that you’ve seen how Disney is using HP’s touch kiosks with virtual sales assistants, have any ideas how your business could benefit from this technology? We’d love to hear your ideas below.

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