Better Network Infrastructure, More Satisfied Customers

"Spring Streamlining" for your business

Spring cleaning at home might include cleaning out gutters and fixing lawn sprinklers – after all, clearing both of blockages means better efficiency. The same goes for your business IT infrastructure – a thorough “Spring Streamlining” that will help make your business environment more efficient.


A more modern IT infrastructure – including an efficient networking solution – will not only ensure your business benefits from “always on” reliability, but the resulting efficiencies will also ensure you’re better able to serve customers, attract new ones, and continue to drive growth.



Manage data, preserve productivity

According to Deloitte’s January 2014 study – Democratizing Technology: Crossing the CASM’ (cloud, analytics, social & mobile) to Serve Small and ... – 90 percent of all data was created in the last 12 months. This can present several challenges for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) trying to manage and use this data productively while also focusing on growing a business.


First, it can be a chore to keep up with the rapid growth of structured and unstructured data sourced from documents, images, audio, video, social media and business applications. From storage to network connectivity, it’s a must that the right infrastructure is in place to handle the volume of data.


Second, the changing nature of today’s business climate is another challenge. Quick responses are crucial for great customer service – to ensure customer satisfaction, to keep them coming back, and to attract new customers.


Solid infrastructure, reliable connectivity

The bottom line is that a solid infrastructure and reliable network connectivity is a necessity. Find the right networking solution for your business, and these challenges are no longer an issue. HP networking solutions for small and midsized businesses – part of our Just Right IT portfolio – can help you address all of these challenges and more.


When your team can access essential business applications, files and data quickly, everyone is more productive, customer satisfaction increases, and new customers surface to help you better grow your business. Here’s how networking can boost your business Spring Streamlining” efforts:

  • Improved infrastructure for better productivity
  • More seamless connectivity between wired and wireless networks
  • Better network performance through flexible deployment options
  • Better and increased access to mobile VOIP, video and other rich media apps
  • More intelligent overall network management
  • Easy and secure mobile user access

HP Just Right IT: Streamline your business 

Making sure your network infrastructure is performing up to par is a crucial first step. The HP Just Right IT portfolio includes networking and virtualization solutions to help your growing business not only increase productivity, boost customer loyalty, and better satisfy current customers, but also help you attract new customers as a result. Learn how HP's Just Right IT portfolio of networking, storage, servers and technical services solutions can help better streamline your business for success this spring.

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