Behind the Scenes at HP Print Tech Day


Behind the Scenes at HP Print Tech Day

This is a contributed post from Mike Hockey, Director of WW Public Relations at HP. Mike currently oversees communications for the Printing and Personal Systems Group and has worked with HP for more than 10 years.


On Tuesday, November 12th and Wednesday, November 13th, HP will host HP Print Tech Day at the HP campus in
Boise, Idaho. Technology and printing influencers from across the nation will experience a behind-the-scenes look at HP’s research and testing facilities (that's Michael Borg from HP's LaserJet Supplies team in the photo).


They'll also have the chance to learn more about the innovation that’s driving HP’s product and solution offerings. Want more background on the event and who you’ll hear from? I had a quick chat with Jim Lyons, HP Print Tech Day attendee (and a former HP employee) to get his thoughts and insights...


367AA: What’s your relationship with HP?
JL: As I was completing my MBA at Cornell in 1981, I was recruited by HP to join the Disc Memory Division, and later moved to the Boise Printer Division, in 1986. I enjoyed many great years with the LaserJet business, helping to launch new products and develop new markets and relationships, and finally ended up working at the Imaging and Printing Group level on investments and acquisitions. At the end of 2005, I took the opportunity to try some new challenges, and in addition to teaching college-level marketing and economics, I’ve spent time with several tech-industry research firms, as well as independently, as a blogger and analyst. So I am now on the other side, covering HP, both with insight gained from my experience there, combined with a broader view of the industry based on the other companies and trends I see.


367AA: What did you enjoy most about last year’s Tech Day?
JL: A few great memories I have of an overall fantastic experience was the up-close, extended look at the then-new OfficeJet Pro X, and a similar opportunity with the “Flow” product family. While my coverage is generally directed at the marketing strategies, positioning and execution by the various industry players, as opposed to detailed hands-on product reviews, there is nothing like getting up close with the products as well as the people who have designed and developed them, to get a feel for the whole story.


367AA: What are you most looking forward to learning about during this year’s event?
JL: One of my keen interests over the past few years has been the impact of mobile technology, specifically the emerging dominance of smartphones and tablets, and the printing and imaging industry’s various responses to this huge trend. In addition to writing about mobile printing solutions, I have the added motivation this year -- coming up in December at the Business Imaging Expo -- of presenting a seminar, with the theme (more or less) of “Everything you need to know about mobile printing." So, the very timely chance to get the latest and greatest from HP, a true leader and innovator in this area, is invaluable.


Learn more...

Not able to make it for next week's event? Join HP Print Tech Day online -- just follow the hashtag #HPPrintDay on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You’ll hear from HP and our expert attendees about the onsite experience, with topics that will include:

  • The IT megatrends affecting SMBs: the cloud, mobility, security and big data
  • How HP’s newest products work and what they mean for your business
  • How HP business customers are utilizing HP technology


How to Follow the Conversation...


Be sure to join us next week -- and learn more about how HP is delivering the best in compelling printing solutions for today’s small and mid-size businesses!

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