Are You Ready for a Workstation?

I’m often asked how you know when you’re ready for a workstation and what the real difference is between an entry level workstation, like the HP Z210, and a regular desktop PC. HP Workstations are fast, expandable, reliable and are designed to meet the demands of professionals who work with large and complex datasets and intricate 3D models. So whether you’re an SMB drafting up building plans, editing video or designing products, a workstation is likely the right choice for you. Here are a few highlights that show how HP Workstations might be the right choice for your SMB:


They’re expandable. As your business grows, your workstation can too. Each HP Workstation supports a range of PCI Express slots, hard drives, solid state drives, optical drives, RAID configurations and flexible storage bays.


They’re fast. And when I say fast, I meanHP Z820 Workstation and dual HP ZR2440w and ZR2440w Displays with Maya.jpg blazing fast! Each HP Workstation features Intel Xeon processors. The new HP Z820 and HP Z620 Workstations can support dual processors, which can provide up to 16 processing cores. And guess what! Thanks to Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology, users can double the processing power. While the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family allows for up to 16 physical cores in a single system, it now allows 32 threads run at one time when using two processors, each with eight cores. The more cores, the faster the workstation can produce results.


They’re smart. Each HP Workstation features ECC memory, which adds additional DRAM to accommodate data for error correction eliminating single bit soft memory errors and preserving the integrity of data. What does this mean in English? Single bit errors get corrected automatically on the fly. Each HP Workstation also comes with its own built-in guru, a.k.a. an HP Performance Advisor, which will help users spend more time doing and less time troubleshooting. HP Performance Advisor provides consolidated reports of the workstation hardware and software configuration and, with one click, enables users to tune their HP Workstation specifically for professional application workloads.


They’re confident. Every HP Workstation is ISV (independent software vendor) certified. Our ISV partners Adobe, Avid, Autodesk and Solidworks, among others, work with HP to test their software on HP Workstations for 6-8 weeks. From there the HP Workstations are calibrated to make sure they deliver reliable performance when running these applications – right out of the box. Each HP Workstation is also physically tested to the max! From drop and shock to humidity and temperature to electron microscope connection testing and more, users can be confident that they can stay running and productive on HP Workstations in any environment. 


As industry veterans, HP develops and applies whole-system engineering to design a system in which the processor, memory, graphics, operating system, and applications work together seamlessly. HP Workstations undergo comprehensive testing to ensure that hardware and software are optimized for professional configurations and 24/7 use. HP Workstations are built to last. And with stable lifecycles a company’s first installed workstation can easily match the last. Now that’s pretty cool.

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