Are You Missing an Opportunity for Better Data Protection?

Desktop and laptop security is a no-brainer—organizations know the dangers and understand the importance of securing their computers against cyber-attacks and malicious applications. According to a recent Spiceworks survey, nearly all surveyed organizations (93%) report they’re protecting these devices.


How are they doing this? By relying primarily on antivirus/malware software solutions, firewalls, authentication/passwords and internet filtering/blocking to secure on average 84% of their organizations’ desktops and laptops. However—these are all software-level security solutions.


Despite security concerns, we found that IT pros don’t seem to prioritize security features when purchasing desktops and laptops. Particularly in the

Americas, cost and reliability are higher priorities.


It’s no big surprise, then, that 40% of these IT pros said they’re not completely satisfied with their desktop/laptop security solutions; they’re leaving a pretty wide gap in their security strategy.


Despite their dissatisfaction, organizations aren’t building in redundant security measures to strengthen their solutions. In fact, less than a quarter of respondents are using multi-factor authentication. And of those who do, they aren’t particularly more satisfied than those who don’t: just 58% were very or completely satisfied.


By relying so heavily on software-level solutions, organizations are leaving their computers vulnerable to the attacks we hear about in the news headlines. So what’s the answer?


A more comprehensive, layered security approach to safeguarding desktops and laptops can begin by incorporating built-in hardware security features. Find out how HP can help. [link to:]



By Justin Ong, Tech Content Expert, Spiceworks



Source: “HP Security Global Research,” a Spiceworks Voice of IT panel survey of 671 respondents from the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, the U.K., France, Germany, China, Japan and India, conducted on behalf of HP, July 2015.


by CharlesArnot
on ‎12-10-2015 02:38 AM

Security is an important thing concerned to all IT companies. Since the technology has been advanced a lot in this era, we are not safe by protecting our systems or our business. The hackers are always looking to break the security of an organization always and they think a little bit more than us. So, the IT companies are depending on more than one security systems. The firewall, internet blocking, authentication passwords etc mentioned here are capable to provide securities up to a limit. But, we are unsafe beyond those limitations. A fresh security system is safe until it gets broken by a hacker. So, new security systems will arise with the advancement in the technology. We know that every invention leaves certain defects. We realize those defects only because of the cyber attacks. So, they contribute a lot in the advancement of the technology. We should thank those who break the security systems helping us to aware of the loop holes of the technology we use.

by Richard789
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