7 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

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What tools do employees need to be effective at their jobs? A computer and a workspace—yes. But beyond the obvious, it’s the smaller gadgets in an office environment that can really boost productivity, morale and efficiency.


You might be surprised at how important the minute details can be. Convert your workspace to a “smart office” environment with these products and tips, and watch your employees thrive.


  1. Monitor and keyboard wipes: After countless lunches at the computer and the constant swiping of touchscreens, it doesn’t take long for most employees’ monitors and keyboards to become pretty disgusting. Keep multipurpose surface wipes handy around the office so your employees can use them as needed.
  2. Collaborative cloud storage: Make it easier for everyone to work together with cloud storage like HP Flow CM Professional. Employees can upload assets to the cloud and retrieve them later from wherever they’re working—an invaluable capability now that it’s common for people to be on the road or out of the office during the work week.
  3. Portable projector: Instead of gathering around a small monitor to squint at numbers or images, a portable projector offers a better way to share what’s on your screen with a group of people. Keep several on hand for your employees to use during meetings or impromptu discussions.
  4. Phone headsets: Talking on the phone while typing or accomplishing other tasks is a skill that many people struggle to master. Make multitasking easier on your employees by providing phone headsets for hands-free conference calls.
  5. Smartphone docks: Whether it’s for work or for play, almost everyone has a mobile phone by their side while they’re at work. By setting up smartphone charging docks around the office, employees won’t have to hassle with bringing a power cord with them, and can juice up before or after a business trip without missing a beat.
  6. Cube therapy: Brighten up the workplace by allowing employees to show the fun side of their personalities. Allow them to bring in photos, trinkets and gadgets that will bring a personal feel to the workspace and allow for a more laid-back, less stressful vibe
  7. Tablet PCs: Go mobile and make those new client presentations easier with a tablet PC like the business-ready ElitePad 900. With a sleek look and enterprise-class security, this tablet goes where your business does.

A few minor additions to your office space can make a big difference in productivity. And, as part of your transition to a smart office, don’t forget to join the HP Purchase Edge rewards program to earn points when you buy qualifying Original HP printing supplies. The points can be redeemed for more than 350 of the latest HP products, including printers and scanners. Office productivity doesn’t get much smarter than that!

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