20 Things Realtors Can Do with a Tablet PC

Real estate guru, John Mayfield, shared a few tablet functionality tips with us at the 2011 Realtors Conference and Expo in Anaheim, Calif., providing insight into how realtors can use a tablet PC to improve their business. Here are the top 20 tips he shared:


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  1. Write, sketch and highlight listings on your screen
  2. Sign and upload contracts on site
  3. Browse Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and share with your client
  4. Draw, edit and erase notes or drawings on your screen
  5. Customize handwriting preferences for efficiency
  6. Add your logo and control transparency on marketing materials
  7. Convert handwriting to text as you take notes
  8. Design personalized note cards for your clients
  9. Engage the customer with interactive features
  10. Improve presentations with graphics and your logo
  11. Create and add a personalized signature for emails
  12. Print flyers to a mobile printer
  13. Convert and write on various document formats
  14. Highlight and add notes to your MLS brochures
  15. Access familiar Microsoft Office programs
  16. Use the snipping tool to capture screenshots
  17. Attach a personal note to mass mailings
  18. Search for words and phrases in documents
  19. Email forms to clients
  20. Use Google Maps to provide directions to a property

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