10 Qualities of an Effective Team Player

Succeeding as a team is an effective motivator of employee performance. A good team leader enables team members to collaborate and communicate more effectively. They also need to take a good look at the team and diagnose what is hampering communication and decision making.


Some common problems in a team include:

  • Conflicting styles of decision making: Your job as team leader is to make decisions based on principles rather than personality.
  • Lack of trust: Trust is essential for any team – it is the foundation of collaboration. It takes a leader who is willing to show integrity and take on the hard work of dealing with differences to build trust within a team.

In addition to a strong team leader, teams need strong team players to perform well and take initiative.


Ten Qualities of an Effective Team Player


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  1. Communicate constructively: Do not shy away from making a point but make it in the best way possible — clearly, directly and respectfully.
  2. Listen: Teams need team players who can absorb and understand ideas without debating every point. Such a team member also can receive criticism without reacting defensively.
  3. Actively participate: Be prepared in meetings, listen and speak up in discussions. Engage in the work of the team and do not sit passively on the sidelines.
  4. Support the team: Team players show courtesy and consideration to other team members.
  5. Share: Share information, knowledge and experience. Take the initiative to keep other team members informed. Good team players are active in informal sharing – they pass along important information to keep other team members in the loop.
  6. Cooperate:  Work with others and act together to accomplish a job. Respond to requests for assistance and take the initiative to offer help.
  7. Be flexible: Teams often deal with changing conditions — and often create changes. A flexible team member can consider different points of views and compromise when needed.
  8. Solve problems: Team players get problems out in the open for discussion and then collaborate with others to find solutions and form action plans.
  9. Show commitment: Strong team players care about their work, the team and the team's work. They want to give a good effort and want other team members to do the same.
  10. Be reliable: Make sure you do your fair share and meet commitments. Be consistent by delivering a good performance all the time, not just some of the time.

When team members take on full responsibility for their own success, they are more productive and make better decisions. Strong team leaders and good team players are the foundation of a successful business. 


NOTE: This post originally appeared on our U.K. sister site. Minimal edits were made to the content.  

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