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  • Unlocking storage capacity to gain efficiency

    by | 07-28-2014



    I’m back from my long trek through Europe and happy to follow up here on my last post, HP Storage Options Deliver Increased Productivity.  On this leg of my blog journey, I want to take on another important topic: storage efficiency.

    Depending on who you ask, storage capacity has been growing on average 40% a year.  With flat or only slightly higher IT budgets, how can you keep up with that kind of growth?  I’d like to share with you a few ideas that I think can help.

  • Orchestrating XP Migration

    by | 07-28-2014

    HP_XPMigration_Videos_Twitter 03A.jpg

    As a former band director, IT professional Duwayne Englehardt is well-trained in creating harmony out of enormously complex situations. In IT, just as in music, seamless performance and transitions hinges on the ability to be creative and adapt to an environment in constant flux.

  • Benefits of Simplifying IT

    by | 07-28-2014



    We’ve been helping companies of all sizes remove complexity from their IT environments for a long time on all these fronts and more. If it’s time for your company to figure out how best to remove complexity from your IT environment, we’re here to help.

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