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  • Spring Cleaning Tech Tips for SMBs

    by HP-MikeH | 04-22-2014

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     Spring is here, and for small- and medium-sized businesses, the season of renewal is a golden opportunity to hit the refresh button on a variety of aspects of your business: The office, the business processes, and the customer-facing materials. Let’s get you started on the right track with a couple quick tips…

  • Mopria Alliance Lets You Print Anything, Anywhere

    by HP-MikeH | 04-21-2014

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    Forget leaving your boarding pass behind at the office – that’s bad enough. Imagine leaving a copy of that business contract you scored at the office only to realize it on the way to the big meeting. The Mopria Alliance, formed by HP and other industry leaders seek to eliminate those panicked moments of stress by making it as easy as possible to print from any mobile device to any printer with which you come in contact...

  • Taxes Turned Positive: Reinvest in Your SMB

    by HP-MikeH | 04-15-2014

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    Taxes are a pain.  Anybody that tells you otherwise works for the IRS. This year, though, it’s time to play it smart -- double down on your business using that tax refund. You ready to turn your taxes into a positive? Let’s do this...



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